Creative and talented – lockdown art lessons

A note from Head of Art, Mr Edwards:
I have been impressed by the tenacity and creativity displayed by the pupils during Zoom Art lessons. It is very pleasing to see the enthusiastic pupils arriving one by one ready for the lessons and eager to be creative.
Once back in School I look forward to displaying all of the ‘Lockdown Art’ that is brought in. I hope you will enjoy reading below an overview of the work the pupils have achieved this past term.

Year 3 – Tiger Studies
Year 3 have been studying the work of the artist Henri Rouseau, resulting in an impressive and individual selection of terrific tiger studies. Have a look at these great examples by Ellie S, Eddie W, Mollie H and Sara G

Year 4 – Paper Sculpture
Year 4 have been exploring paper sculpture by making beautiful bouquets of flowers and a range of amazing hats, outfits and accessories. Here are some examples by Abigail B, Arthur L, Thomas C and Zia T.

Year 5 – Perfect Perspective
Year 5 have proved to be really tenacious and independent learners resulting in amazing examples of simple and two-point perspective. Here are some great examples by Amy T, Jacob C, Thomas H and Yashfin R.

Year 6 – Pop Art
Creative Connie would be very proud of Year 6. They have worked very hard to create a variety of Pop Art inspired designs. Please find below a few great examples by Amelia R, Angelica H, Harry O and Lissi J.

Year 7 – Portraits
Year 7 have had to source and concentrate to create an amazing set of self-portraits. They have proved to be resilient learners resulting in a variety of outcomes. Here are some excellent examples by Amelia J, Ayala R, Henry S and Olivia G.

Year 8 – Lockdown Interiors
The lockdown has not stopped Year 8 from creating great work based upon familiar interiors. Inspired by the artists John Bratby, Matisse, Cezanne and Roy Lichtenstein, Year 8 have had a comprehensive introduction to the Art of Interiors. See below work by Evie W, Isabelle M, Lana K and Oliver P.

Published On: February 26th, 2021Categories: News, Prep