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Rainbows and growth in Early Years

EY FI 1This week, pupils in Oak and Acorn continued with their topic of growing.

We all had great fun looking at and sharing baby photos and talking about how we have changed and grown. Showing observational skills, Hattie said, “my hair was brown but now it is blond.” Hugo R added, “I have teeth now.”

In Acorn class, pupils used bricks to measure their height and observed how their seeds have grown and the flowers have changed. Tom said, “I see pink, orange and purple” and Emmy said, “it smells nice.”

Our RWI sound this week has been ‘r’ and the Creative Connies in Oaks used their creative skills to create Rrrr…rainbows, which have made a lovely colourful display!

Published On: May 21st, 2021Categories: News, Pre-Prep

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