Let there be light!

The Year 1 children have enjoyed learning about light and shadows as part of their topic ‘Let there be light!’

The children began by thinking about sources of light and how they are used. They also learnt about objects and materials that reflect light. The children were excited to discover that the moon reflects light and wouldn’t be able to shine without the sun.

The children experimented with a torch and classroom objects to make different shadows. The children discussed how their shadow changes and how it can look different. The children were inspired by the poem My Shadow by Robert Louis Stephenson and wrote their own verse of the poem.

Jack W’s shadow was howling at the moon! Lexy T’s shadow was reading a book with her. Isabelle D-R’s shadow was walking on its hands when Isabelle was walking. Justice N’s shadow was waving to his friends!

They also learnt about the scientist Thomas Edison the inventor of the light bulb and Garrett Morgan the inventor of the first three signal traffic light. The children created their own shadow puppets and traffic lights inspired by what they had learnt. The children enjoyed making their shadow puppets dance and move, as well as making people stop and go with their traffic lights.

Published On: December 16th, 2020Categories: News, Pre-Prep