The Art scene at Langley

The Art scene at Langley is thriving across all areas of the school. For an insight into their bustling departments, we spoke to Nigel Edwards Head of Art at the Prep, and Kim Bradbeer our new Head of Art at the Senior School.

At the Prep School this term a key focus was first-hand observation, including colour, space, shape, form and texture. A particularly popular project concentrated on identity.

The identity project title for Years 3 to 8 was ‘We are ALL fish in the same ocean’ and it invited our young artists to create individual fish based upon themselves. Pupils started with an identity Mind Map by reflecting on the question ‘What makes you you?’ The resulting information with adjectives a plenty, was turned into ‘an amazing shoal of individual decorative fish,’ explained Nigel Edwards, Head of Art at the Prep School.

A further focus for Years 7 and 8 Prep pupils was on Norwich painter Michael Andrews, who found a parallel between the behaviour of individuals and the behaviour of fish, shown in groups or schools. The brilliantly coloured paintings below show pupil studies of this.

Kim Bradbeer relocated with her family when she joined Langley as Head of Art this school year. She said, ‘The art department is a busy and exciting place to be. The pupils are in and out all day, every day, taking full advantage of the great facilities and of course their specialist Art teachers. The studios are a perfect place to come and create and be creative. It sometimes feels when you step through the doors you are entering into another world. We are developing a purpose-built printmaking area in the main studio and Mrs Halsey, as a ceramicist, is revitalising the pottery.’

‘Langley has welcomed us with great warmth and to be surrounded by such lovely countryside every day is utterly inspiring. Our environment is so uplifting, it is a real pleasure to arrive here each morning.’ Kim Bradbeer.

This year’s popular Christmas Card competition has also been a great way to engage with the whole school community via Art. It is helping to raise money for Senior School House Mancroft’s charity choice, Nelson’s Journey, while at the Prep School the Christmas designs are not only going on cards but also mugs and evening wrapping paper!

Published On: December 10th, 2020Categories: Prep, News, Senior