Cambridge, Interviews, Applicant Days and Beyond..

This year at Langley we were delighted by how many of our students were able to secure interviews at Cambridge. This prompted an excited response by the students concerned, with preparations for assessments, mock interviews, the selection of top level essays for submission and consideration and then…the interviews themselves. Monday 25th January was the climax of this process with offers being posted, as well as informing students if they had missed out. We would like to congratulate Jessica Stone, who has an offer to read Linguistics at Pembroke College and James Kerridge, who has an offer from Selwyn College to read English Literature but also we wish to acknowledge those students who missed out for being brave, pushing themselves to apply and for their excellent efforts.
Further to this, we have some exciting offers for our students – Our Medics have been having interviews but still have a long wait to find out the results. Applicant days have seen students receive markedly reduced offers due to their charm, engagement and academic aptitude. Furthermore our Heads of School, Joe and Tegan have been successful in getting generous offers for their study of Sport Science and Physiotherapy respectively, with a host more offers on the table for students wishing to follow Social Work, Veterinary Science, Drama, Music, Psychology, Law and lots of other pathways. With many students waiting on some replies from universities the wait , for some, continues…
Not every student is planning on going to university, with applications for apprenticeships, jobs and Gap Year opportunities all being submitted at the moment, this rich tapestry of ambitions and applications are well supported by our outstanding Sixth Form team.
But remember…
Success or failure in what you do is not a reflection on the applicant as an academic, or individual, merely the interpretation of a snapshot of their existence – be it an application form, UCAS statement , interview or CV. We have no doubt all our students will go on to do brilliant things, attend outstanding universities (if they choose), become huge successes, making the world a better place in hundreds and thousands of small and big ways – you define you; your actions, words and deeds – not where, or what, you studied.

Published On: January 29th, 2021Categories: News, Sixth Form