Year 3 Egyptian Day 2022

Focussing this term on Ancient Egypt, Year 3 children had the pleasure of welcoming Hands on the Past to Langley Prep School this month. There was a carousel of activities to further whet the children’s already burgeoning appetites for their Egyptian topic.

Mr Thornett explained, “We began the day by meeting with Howard Carter, who regaled pupils with tales of his life and how he came to be in the employ of Lord Carnarvon. What the children found interesting is the resilience that Mr Carter had to show to have the opportunity to make his amazing discovery of King Tut’s tomb. It wasn’t always plain sailing. After meeting Mr Carter, the children were treated to a bit of improv, ending up with some superb still scenes. Team Player House Points galore for some great ingenuity!”

Pupils looked at the process of mummification, and also became scribes, with an expert demonstration of how to make a reed pen. After lunch, they looked at how an Ancient Egyptian could enter the afterlife and what Gods were involved in the process.

“All in all,” Mr Thornett continues, “It was a truly marvellous day, and the children and staff derived a great deal of enjoyment from it. Many thanks to Miss Temple for her brilliant organisation, Hands on the Past for leading the sessions so brilliantly, and the children who engaged beautifully with all aspects of the day, especially dressing up! Roll on next year.”

Published On: March 10th, 2022Categories: News, Prep