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Science in the Pre-Prep focuses on life cycles

In Pre-Prep this week there has been a lot of work and observation on life cycles as part of the Science curriculum, encouraging the children’s curiosity about the world around them.

We currently have tadpoles in classrooms, which we have watched grow from frogspawn, and the children eagerly await the arrival of limbs and froglets. Year 2 pupils have written about the life cycle of frogs and hens too, while in Reception the incubators are full of eggs as we wait for cracks to appear and chicks to hatch.

Isla B (Crows, Year 2) said, ‘I love having the tadpoles in the classroom because I like watching them grow.’

Additionally, the children have been learning about the life cycle of plants, including flowers and vegetables. Peas and sunflowers have been planted in pots and beans planted in the side of glass jars so that the children can watch the roots sprout and the shoots erupt.

Published On: May 7th, 2021Categories: News, Pre-Prep

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