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Prep pupils learn about Bioscience

This week Professor Fountain, research scientist from the Norwich Research Park at the UEA, was kind enough to visit our Prep School and give a talk about the heart and circulation. He talked to the Year 7 and 8s about how he became a scientist and moved into research. It’s in this field that he now leads a team which is funded by the British Heart Foundation, working on exciting projects including medicines to increase blood pressure, new drugs for heart disease and mapping the neurones of blood vessels.

The pupils made an excellent account of themselves and asked many intriguing questions. Among these questions were “Which heart disease is the worst,” “can we grow a heart” and “can we clone a person.” The work that Professor Fountain and the BHF are doing is essential and we were very lucky to get some insight into this important area of Bioscience!

Published On: October 13th, 2021Categories: News, Prep

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