Year 4 trips and talks earn them medals

Year 4 pupils have been extremely busy, learning about world conservation thanks to some great guest speakers, as well as visiting Banham Zoo where our pupils were awarded for their behaviour by none other than the CEO of Banham Zoo.

World Conservation

Year 4 were treated to a fantastic, informative, and eye-opening presentation from Mr and Mrs Jones, parents of two of our pupils. Both work within film production and have worked on a variety of projects, documentaries, and programmes all about animals and wildlife. They shared their experiences throughout their career to date, as well as covering topics including endangered animals, deforestation, climate change and conservation. The children thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and many of their interesting questions about the ‘Our World’ topic were answered in detail from first-hand experience by Mr and Mrs Jones.

“I found it interesting to see how much work goes into making animal documentaries and how long they spend to get just a few minutes of video for a film.”
“It was amazing to learn about and see so many different animals, I particularly liked the videos about sharks.”

Banham Zoo

Year 4 spent the day at a Banham Zoo as part of their ‘Our World’ Humanities topic. The pupils saw lots of different animal species, learning about their conservation status, how their habitats are changing and ways we can help them moving forward. A few highlights were seeing the Red Panda, Penguins, a Cheetah, a Leopard, and a Tiger! Not to forget an entertaining display from the Sea Lions. The CEO of Banham Zoo awarded the pupils with medals as she was so impressed with the children’s behaviour, they were a credit to the school.

“This is an amazing place with such beautiful animals.”
“I liked seeing the sea lions doing their tricks.”
“I don’t think I would ever be bored working here!”

Published On: June 11th, 2021Categories: News, Prep