Icenian Interview: Will Foster

What year did you begin and leave Langley?

I joined Langley in 2010 and left in 2014

If applicable, which A-Levels did you gain?

Physical Education, Psychology, Photography

During your time at Langley, did you know what career you wanted to pursue?

When I was at Langley I desperately wanted to be a professional rugby player. It didn’t work out for me in the end but I had a lot of fun trying and met most of my mates for life on the field.

Which extra-curricular activities were you involved in and have they been useful, for example helping with transferable skills?

At Langley, I was mainly interested in the extra-curricular sporting activities and basically got involved with anything that would keep me out of the classroom. I think the facilities and opportunities I had to play sports at Langley contributed hugely to my feeling of camaraderie but also my competitive drive. I have the urge to be part of a group or team working hard to contribute towards a common goal, which I’m not sure I had prior to my time with Langley.

Have these activities helped you since school, for example via transferable skills?

I think the sporting activities I did at Langley helped develop me into the person I am today, but ultimately when thinking about how my time at Langley benefitted me it’s’ hard to look past the people I met along the way. Most of my closest friends to this day are people I’ve played sports with either at Langley or afterward. Even when I look at my professional career, most of the best opportunities I’ve had have come from connections I’ve made with people around the world, and that all stems from the start that Langley gave me.

If you went, what did you study at university?

After Langley, I went to Loughborough University to study Sports Science and Business Management.

If you’re working, how did your career begin?

After graduating I went straight into a career within the Financial Recruitment space. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do but I had a friend who was doing well in the industry and made an introduction to their boss.

So far, what have been your post-school highlights (in your career, onward studies, family, travel, etc.)?

Graduating from University was a proud moment for me, particularly as someone who never considered myself particularly academic in my younger years. Since leaving university and recruitment I’ve been working for a great US-based Software company based in their London office. I’ve recently bought my first flat in South London, something I had been aspiring to do since moving down here.

On reflection, did your time at Langley help your attitude toward career choices and progression?

One thing I noticed from being at Langley, compared to other schools, was the exposure I had to highly driven young people. I think we’re all a product of the people we spend the most time with, and at Langley, I found it hard not to push myself hard in an academic and sporting context given I was surrounded by people doing the same. I think to an extent this stays with you during your time post-school.

What advice you would give to students considering Langley, their A-Levels, or careers?

Choosing Langley was an amazing move for me, so I would definitely recommend it. To A-Level students, I would highly encourage them not to stress about the small stuff. Your A-Levels are immensely important, but I don’t think you should see them as a time to put your life on hold for two years. Enjoy the journey, and definitely don’t feel obliged to go to University if it doesn’t feel like the natural route for you. Most of my peers who have achieved the most over the last few years are the ones who didn’t choose the university route. I think there’s a lot to be said for traveling, gaining real-world experience, and getting a few years ahead of your mates if there isn’t a university course that hugely stands out to you.

Your fondest memory of Langley?

Henry Alton-Jones found a stamp worth £1.3m in his grandmas’ attic. He was going to fly our whole friendship group to Barbados to start a new life. Some of us had even packed our bags by the time he told us the stamp was a worthless replica…

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